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really lost

21 Aug

so my boyfriend and i have been together given that 10th quality his junior 12 months he went to govonors faculty of arts for guitar, hes like a guitar god. he was properly on his way to fame and glory, genuinely he was. he gave all that up for me and moved with me to texas, graduated and went to college for mortuary science, my family loves him like 1 of their possess. weve been dwelling together. i adore him, and he loves me, but i honestly feel tha only explanation hes with me is simply because if we crack up, him providing up his guitar carreer would be for absolutely nothing, does that make feeling?


Up-cycled old forks

18 Aug

Resource: via Jena on Pinterest


My ‘dreidel’ bottle arrived of l’nstant. the gel perfume is softer and less honeyed on

16 Aug

My ‘dreidel’ bottle arrived of l’nstant. I have in no way sampled the others (extrait/edp/edt) but I got the gel the other working day and it is pretty.

Show me your foam roller?

15 Aug

I have the one particular in the middle of the pic of blue one particular. I have two that I use (I have significant tightness so not everybody likes these):.

Check out Scottsdale’s Trip

13 Aug

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What is your favorite honeysuckle fragrance?

11 Aug

Caswell Massey Honeysuckle.

BI Scent Recommendations? rop

9 Aug