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Starbuck flick discussion

30 Jun

It has a tender resolution, considerable humor, unforgettable supporting figures — and loads of other lovely surprises, as well.


Does anyone like udis granolas?

28 Jun

I do GF and it is just *okay*. Granola is pretty simple to make oneself.

L like watching people kiss in movies. rec some memorable scenes for me

24 Jun

It really is a single of my favored movies =) easy to remember. Little bit of a proper flip from the pug-in-a-shell-bra.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are 27 today!

21 Jun

I actually thought they were much older lol. They look older.

Boyfriend Trouble

19 Jun

To know before you read this, the boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship.�

Rudolph snack

17 Jun

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

great summer outfit-love the peplum top and statement necklace. #outfit

14 Jun