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Those with you massage them regularly? How often? I stopped after d&f but rop

28 May

Those with implants. No problems.


My parents think we are together to much

26 May

i make him happy and he makes me happy. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 10 months.

A few days ago, I saw a squirrel beside a tree

24 May

Thinking it was cute, I stepped closer, picked up a pine cone and tried to lure it to come closer.. After about two minutes of silently squatting on someones lawn holding a pine cone, I realized the squirrel was dead.

I think Bless me ultima 2012 is great

22 May

A deeply satisfying feat of storytelling, “Bless Me, Ultima” makes a difficult task look easy.

I have penpals and write letters all the time.if you want to be penpals let me know :D

19 May

But I’ll put a wax seal on it. I’m not kidding either.

Redmond marriott town center redmond Overview

17 May

Room for improvement my friends at Marriott, but good job! I would recommend staying here.

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers…sooo comfy!! Thank you Julissa!! I love them!!

10 May